Pay Check

Are Top Earners Really Worth It?

“This is a thoughtful, persuasive and well-written book.  It is a timely and powerful contribution to the debate about the corrosive effects of the banking bonus culture.  I commend Bolchover’s work to anyone who cares about the future of capitalism.”
– Luke Johnson, Financial Times columnist and entrepreneur

“There is, in my view, no better writer on the modern workplace than David Bolchover. With this book he has done it again.”
– Daniel Finkelstein, The Times

“Pay Check is a bold and impassioned book, rich in wry humour, thoughtfully argued throughout…highly persuasive…the starting-point for a worthy and necessary discussion about the nature of “talent”.”
The Economist

“A great little book”
– Merryn Somerset Webb, Editor, MoneyWeek

“The answer – and the solution – [to excessive pay] lies in an excellent book by the business writer David Bolchover called Pay Check.”
– Johann Hari, GQ Magazine

Even amid the enduring financial crisis, sky-high salaries for top executives and bankers persist, further inflaming public anger. But nothing will change, argues David Bolchover, until we confront the root cause – a self-serving “talent myth” that justifies high pay on the grounds that the recipients possess extraordinary abilities, without which no company could hope to prosper. These claims are not only unfounded; they are also an abuse of free-market capitalism. Pay Check aims to win the system back for those who actually take the risks, and expose those who merely snatch the rewards.

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