The Living Dead

“Hundreds of business books are published every year. Many of them are badly written and poorly thought out. But every year throws up some gems. The Living Dead is one of the few books…actually worth buying and reading in 2005.”

“His personal experiences are very funny and his style is fast and lively. It’s captivating for anyone who’s ever worked in or run a large office, and a refreshing change from the glut …of dry management textbooks.”
– Cilla Snowball, Management Today

“With wry British wit, David Bolchover skewers life in large corporations and exposes the extent of a phenomenon he calls “the living dead:” the masses of employees who are disengaged from their work, unproductive and unmotivated. Bolchover’s account of his own experience of falling through the cracks of a corporate behemoth is hilarious.”

Switch on the business news and you will probably be bombarded with yet more workplace experts telling you that everyone nowadays is grossly overworked, madly juggling their work-life balance until they finally keel over and die from the sheer stress of it all. We all know that’s right, don’t we?

The real truth is that there are millions upon millions of people who are actively disengaged from their jobs, who spend months and years sitting in offices doing next to nothing, lost in the cracks of laughably inefficient and abysmally managed large organisations, their talents wasted and long forgotten. The Living Dead unmasks the myth of the workplace.

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