90 Minute Manager

“A fascinating insight into what makes a great people manager. It’s hard to think of a setting where the skills of the best managers can be more clearly seen than in football, and this book provides a compelling analysis of what it is that separates the best from the rest.”
– Sir Clive Woodward.

“A highly original idea and a convincing argument. You don’t have to be a football fan to get a great deal out of this, but if you are you’ll certainly find it both enjoyable and worthwhile. This book really hits the back of the net.”
– Daniel Finkelstein, “The Times“.

“More insightful and with a longer-term view than many other books of this sort, The 90-Minute Manager is much more enjoyable and rewarding than the average game of football”
– The Independent on Sunday

In this best-selling and much-acclaimed book, Bolchover and Brady analyse the characteristics of the very best football managers in Britain, past and present, to uncover exactly what it is that makes the greats so exceptional and what we can all learn from their style and methods.

From Don Revie, Jock Stein, Matt Busby and Bill Shankly, through to the modern day masters including Jose Mourinho, Arsene Wenger and Alex Ferguson, strengths and weaknesses are examined to answer classic modern management questions, such as: Are the best managers necessarily both great strategists and inspirational motivators? What makes top talent want to work for a particular manager? How can ‘team spirit’ be created? What are the key personality characteristics that define a great manager?

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