The Greatest Comeback

“A fascinating, brilliantly told biography of Europe’s first superstar football coach, The Greatest Comeback is a moving, terrifying and inspirational story of survival and triumph. If you’re a football fan and Béla Guttmann is just a name you have seen in the lists of European Cup-winning managers, take the time to read about the man. It is an astonishing journey.” – Oliver Holt, Chief Sports Writer, Mail on Sunday
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Pay Check

Are Top Earners Really Worth It?

“This is a thoughtful, persuasive and well-written book.  It is a timely and powerful contribution to the debate about the corrosive effects of the banking bonus culture.  I commend Bolchover’s work to anyone who cares about the future of capitalism.”
– Luke Johnson, Financial Times columnist and entrepreneur
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The Living Dead

“Hundreds of business books are published every year. Many of them are badly written and poorly thought out. But every year throws up some gems. The Living Dead is one of the few books…actually worth buying and reading in 2005.”
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90 Minute Manager

“A fascinating insight into what makes a great people manager. It’s hard to think of a setting where the skills of the best managers can be more clearly seen than in football, and this book provides a compelling analysis of what it is that separates the best from the rest.”
– Sir Clive Woodward.
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